"New year, new goals," - I am very excited to share an exciting life update about my wonderful new job as a Creative Executive Assistant for Chelsea LeFort Real Esate Limited! I consider myself truly blessed to be where I am today in my professional career. For those keeping up with me, you'll remember that back in 2015-16, I was feeling extremely drained from life and went through what essentially a minor existential crisis (read post here) on what I was doing with my life. Though I was happy to be working full-time, my Monday to Friday, 8-4 routine had me seriously considering if this was the right kind of work for me (a desk job in front of a computer with never-ending files). Feeling prompted to consider what I really wanted to do with my life, I decided to step outside of my comfort zone! While I could skip mentioning the part involving weeks of endless applications, interviews and rejections, I feel that it's a crucial aspect of my update - nothing comes easy or without effort and that's VERY important to remember when looking for a job. Persistence is always key. 


Now, having always had an interest for interior design & real estate (basically all things HGTV), I was intrigued & immediately applied when I saw the post for my current position! I made a conscious effort to stand out (fyi, cover letters go a long way. . . maintaining a professional appearance online doesn't hurt either). As an accounting business student, you can imagine that this career transition was quite a leap. I am thrilled to say however, that it has been one of the best decisions of my life! To learn more about Chelsea Lefort Real Estate Limited and what I do, keep reading!

Boss Babes

Chelsea LeFort - Realtor®

Remax Nova


Meet my boss, Chelsea LeFort, owner of Chelsea LeFort Real Estate Limited! When I first met Chelsea, my first thought was “cute shoes!” and for anyone that knows me - & my love for style and fashion - you can imagine that this marked the beginning of a wonderful employer/employee relationship! Ambitious, driven and goal-oriented, Chelsea consistently strives to be unique while growing her business. As a former gymnast and having undergone 10 years of intense, elite level gymnastics, Chelsea’s strengths lie in her determination, ability to set firm goals, visualize and go after what she wants! In fact, she is the exact definition of a boss babe!


Having worked in Real Estate since she was 19 and currently building her second home, she specializes in working with 1st Time Home Buyers. Chelsea understands that buying a home for most young adults is terrifying! It’s one of the biggest purchases they will ever make! She provides plenty of guidance to her 1st Time Home Buyers during the complicated process, while being completely transparent and flexible in every regard (yes, she'll even respond to your frantic 6am text worrying that there's no Starbucks close to your potential home because you need your caramel frappuccino with extra whipped cream to get you through the morning, *insert emoji here). At the end of the day, she ensures that the process is fun, relaxed and goes smoothly. She's extremely passionate about her job and makes sure that her clients get a good price on a great place to live!


In addition, she oversees New Construction & Listing properties that want effective, creative & out of the box marketing, while working alongside Ramar Homes as their Brand & Marketing Specialist. With her business rapidly growing, in 2017 she hired a full time Creative Executive Assistant (yes, me!) to help her service even more clients in buying & selling Real Estate investments and has plans to expand even more!

Patricia Chareka

Creative Executive Assistant

I am proud to be the newest member of Chelsea's Team! I honestly fall in love with my job a little bit more everyday! One of the benefits of my job is that my position encompasses a variety of responsibilities, so there is always something new and exciting to do. In addition to assisting with Real Estate transaction management and internal & external communication with clients, one of my favourite aspects is helping with design selections for New Construction model homes. This includes picking out flooring, siding, lighting, tiling, countertops and so much more (my inner interior/exterior designer is absolutely thrilled)! 


With Ramar Construction having joined forces with ReMax Nova, I get to work with a great team of people who offer varying strengths and different perspectives to truly meet the needs of our clients! I also especially love the marketing aspect involved with my role. From branding, blogging, implementing social media strategy to website design, creating advertisements & photography, I enjoy being able to showcase my creative talent!

Business has always been my passion (boss babe from birth)! I have assumed various positions in the past – Documentation Associate at J.D. Irving Ltd., Procurement Assistant for the Government of Canada (Finance, Environment & Climate Change Canada), as well as a Financial Analyst in the Finance Department for Shannex Inc. I am thankful to have gained valuable skills and experience from my previous roles, but it's because of my position as a Creative Executive Assistant that I truly know I have found an ideal career as it allows me to do what I love on a daily basis! 

I am very excited to be joining the team and look forward to working with future clients! Interested in reaching out to myself or Chelsea regarding buying or selling, or even for your next reno project? We'll start right at square one and help you with all of your questions! Feel free to contact us

via email at admin@square-1.ca!

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